The following is a running log of changes made to ProjectGarden.

Tasks completed on 2023-03-31 (day 18)

  • Fixed a bug with collaborators if you only give a first name

Tasks completed on 2023-03-30 (day 17)

  • Added basic ability to vote on ideas
  • Added basic (temporary) sorting of ideas based on total votes count
  • Fixed redirect return path on login and logout
  • Figured out collaborations for users

Tasks completed on 2023-03-29 (day 16)

  • Added ability to delete collaborators
  • Added additional information for projects (logo, header, body)
  • Mocked up basic idea card w/ voting
  • Added simple feature flagging via env variable

Tasks completed on 2023-03-28 (day 15)

  • Added initial ideas page
  • Added initial version of collaborators

Tasks completed on 2023-03-27 (day 14)

  • NONE - was a strategic planning and writing day

Tasks completed on 2023-03-26 (day 13)

  • NONE - was a family day

Tasks completed on 2023-03-25 (day 12)

  • Got Github markdown parsing working for changelog page
  • Move project delete button from bottom to top right
  • Redirect to dashboard when login button pressed if already logged in

Tasks completed on 2023-03-24 (day 11)

  • Clean up user profiles for mobile
  • Add an external link to project website if available
  • Update Add New Project button to include dropdown for imports
  • First attempt at getting a changelog page setup that uses existing file

Tasks completed on 2023-03-23 (day 10)

  • Add users to admin w/ basic whitelisting
  • Allow signups but restrict to those pre-approved

Tasks completed on 2023-03-22 (day 9)

  • Fix project creation / editing
  • Improve a bunch of usability (especially on mobile)
  • Handle if username is already taken upon signup
  • Basic filtering of projects by status
  • Basic project sorting by name or start date
  • Add favicon and other icons
  • Import from Google sheets URL

Tasks completed on 2023-03-21 (day 8)

  • Flesh out profiles a bit more
  • Adjust user data schema to account for new profile fields
  • Basic settings page, allowing users to claim their username without it being locked to their twitter
  • Add basic username validation

Tasks completed on 2023-03-20 (day 7)

  • Update landing page to be just a little bit more descriptive

Tasks completed on 2023-03-19 (day 6)

  • Update bullet points for early access membership
  • Added analytics for early access membership purchases

Tasks completed on 2023-03-18 (day 5)

  • Public profiles
  • Basic waitlist admin
  • Add ability to mark projects as public during import
  • Be able to handle if OpenAI returns more than just JSON in response
  • Return an error when attempting to import but OpenAI is down
  • Sort projects by start date

Tasks completed on 2023-03-17 (day 4)

  • Created a Stripe account + project
  • Display early access signup after waitlist signup
  • Added honeybadger for error handling and tracking
  • Force ssl version of page

Tasks completed on 2023-03-16 (day 3)

  • Get up on hatchbox server for public access
  • Fixed a site password bug preventing people from logging in
  • Add dynamic loading indicator to buttons with the class ‘show-loader’ added
  • Basic csv/spreadsheet import (with OpenAI)

Tasks completed on 2023-03-15 (day 2)

  • Display logged in user’s projects in table view
  • Edit existing projects
  • Delete projects
  • Fix add project flickering on page load
  • Store waitlist email signups in database

Tasks completed on 2023-03-14 (day 1)

  • Initial data schema for users and posts
  • Get basic user auth working via Twitter
  • Empty state for index without projects
  • Add ability to add projects via simple form submission
  • Basic flash messages